Valentine's Day Gift Giving Guide

February 12, 2019 3 Comments

Valentine's Day Gift Giving Guide

Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, it is approaching fast - and we've got you covered. More and more people grow environmentally aware and despise the holiday because of its consumeristic and wasteful nature. Wondering what you should give your valentine while still being environmentally friendly? Keep reading. 

What's wrong with flowers and chocolates?

Flowers, chocolate and jewelry may be popular Valentine’s Day gifts, but unfortunately they come at high environmental and social costs. For example, flowers are one of the most pesticide-intensive crops in the world. This is bad for our environment due to so many factors like pesticides polluting waters, harming bees and leading to deserts. Additionally, more than half of floriculture workers deal with health constraints on a daily basis due to pesticide exposure. 

What gift should I give my valentine then?

Now all of this sounds quite dark. But, that doesn't mean you can't be festive! You can still have so much fun without cheaply made junk. So how can we change our ways (using babysteps) towards a more ethically and environmentally conscious gift while still expressing our love and appreciation to the ones closest and dearest to us?

1. Gift handwritten notes on recycled paper
The easiest and most zero-waste option is to send an electronic card. But for our dear paper-lovers we suggest taking any envelope you received in the mail, cutting it up and writing down the sweetest message you can think of. This message will be as sweet to the environment as it will be to your loved one.
2. Gift a shared experience
No gift comes close to quality time shared together.
3. Gift a sustainable flower
That was a joke. Give them any potted plant and they will enjoy the gift for months to years instead of a couple of days.
4. Shop SÚJOLA

The SÚJOLA Golden Hour T-shirt is the perfect gift for Valentines Day if you want to be environmentally aware but still spoil your loved one. It's friendly to the environment because it's made with 100% organic cotton and climate neutrally. The production of the Golden Hour T-Shirt is also good to the manufacturers because its fair trade.

We hope to have helped you gain insight into some of the endless possibilities to giving your valentine a gift while still being friendly to our environment.

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